Are you looking for
freedom from your business?

I’m Jim Carroll, exit advisor and business broker. Let’s have a conversation. I can help you find the freedom you seek. I will help you get prepared, list your business, locate a buyer, and help you get a pay day for your years of hard work. My job is to help you build the company’s value then get the maximum price for your business. Let’s get started!!

What Services I Offer

Sell Your Business
With Confidence

As a full-service Business Broker and Exit Advisor I am dedicated to providing you the guidance necessary to confidently sell your business. Realizing the return you deserve.

Buy A Business
To Grow

I work with independent buyers and private equity buyers from across the country to find the perfect fit as a first business or a strategic acquisition plan to reach growth goals. 

Strategic & Thoughtful Exit Planning

Now might be the time to strategically develop and execute a value builder plan in your current business pointed  to your goal of a higher sell price whenever the time is right to sell.

I believe in passionate small business owners
But the time comes for every business owner to make changes on the way to the goals they’ve established.

Those decisions might include:

1. Making the decision to sell the business.

2. Acquire another business as part of a growth strategy.

3. Design and execute a plan to increase the value of the existing business as part of an exit strategy.

The Process - Value Acceleration Methodology

  • Assess Business Position
  • Assess Financial Condition
    Personal & Business
  • Conduct  Business Valuation
  • Determine Values Priority
  • Prioritize An Action Plan
  • Deploy Business Changes
  • Engage Financial Plan
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Prepare Master Plan
  • Sell Business and
    Initiate Exit Strategy
  • or
  • Keep Business and
    Execute Growth Strategy

Some Things To Think About In Your Journey

If you want to sell your business the right way, then you need to start early to be able to show value to a potential buyer.  These steps will help for you to know, “I AM EXIT READY!!”

If you are thinking of selling your business and retiring,

Are you ready? 

Is your business in top shape and ready to take to the market? The process can be complex and emotional.  Just consider how that decision changes so much after the closing.

Exit planning includes the work prior to market, during marketing of the business, and after the business is closed.

Now ask yourself,

“Am I ready?”  Exit Ready?

Let me help. 

I can help you with every step from preparation, vetting buyers, through negotiations, and during transition. So you get everything done right, on time, and complete.


Are you ready for a no cost consultation?

No arm twisting or hard selling, just solid advice that works!


begins with evaluation of the value of the business.


As a Value Advisor, I begin with a review of the “Intangibles”

Human Capital

Customer Capital

Structural Capital

Social Capital

Tech Capital.

Next I look at your personal and business goals, both financial and life style.

Asking this question:

Can the business sustain profitability without you, the owner, in the day to day?


Following is creation of a “Master Plan” to keep and grow or initiate an exit to your desired exit option.

In the “Master Plan” a financial valuation of the business is essential to help in determining the way forward.

About Me

As a former business owner, construction general contractor, sales & marketing executive with a finance degree, I bring 40 years of wide ranging experience to the table to help you successfully get the very best price for our business.

Experience To Help You Evaluate

Sales & Marketing-Executive Team
Manufacturing-Forest Products

Created a marketing engine focused on brand building in the digital space then transitioned to growing sales on a national stage through my team.

VP Sales & Marketing
Strategy/Operations/Sales/Marketing Leadership
Wholesale Distribution & Manufacturing-Forest Products

Grew this small business to successfully compete with national brands. Success through private label brands. Significant growth over 12 years prior to exit.

President/CEO & Founder
Strategy/Regional Leadership
Manufacturing-Commercial Windows

Opened a new region for this medium sized west coast, direct contractor sales manufacturer. 

Regional Business Manager
Leadership/Regional Management
Manufacturing/Distribution Management

Opened regional distribution for Spanish manufacturer of granite and quartz countertop slabs.

General Manager
Regional Wholesale Distribution

Led warehouse wholesale distribution startup with full P&L responsibility including all strategic responsibilities.

General Manager

What Clients & Colleagues Say About Jim

Those that work closely with Jim know best. Here is what they have to say.

I recommend Jim to any organization looking for a solid leader to steer the team to new heights.

Kevin Hayes

Jim is an asset to any company, especially one which focuses on building materials and distribution. He is a man of integrity and ethical business practices with the same care and respect that he gives his family.

Aaron Linerud

I worked with Jim for the last year, and I can say I learned from his management. He helped our team to become the best in the industry.

Donald Brennan
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